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Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Financial Centre Road Dubai Dubai AE

My greetings respectable gentlemen!

Let me introduce myself before telling about the hot nights that you can get having called me.

I’m Ashley. My roots are in Czech Republic. But nowadays I live in Dubai and I work hard here as well. I’m 23 years old. I’m hot and naughty girl who don’t afraid to experiment with men, sex toys, styles and positions. I am very advanced in the meaning of different ideas for sexual satisfaction. My tongue is very skillful and efficient. It is usually everywhere. It will lick every part of your body in the most respectable places. I like oral sex, to do it and to get. So you have also a chance to practice and to get some good reviews and tips for future. I adore fisting. I think it is a perfect beginning of sex when we do not hurry and enjoy the moments of anticipation of the further program.

I’m very hardy and enduring. I’m prepared for the long-lasting pleasure with a predictable but very powerful orgasm in the end. Or in the middle – it depends on how to count. We can repeat the sex party several times within a night, day or we can stay together for a weekend. Prolonging is always possible.

Call me and let’s arrange a dating!
Many kisses,
Yours Ashley

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